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Sitio web histórico perteneciente a la familia Fábrega Obrador, fundadora, restauradora y directora de El Castillo, quien el 31 de Marzo de 2022 da fin a una labor de 20 años

Arts & Science in a Humanistic Innovative Business

EL CASTILLO presents an all original product for your school:

A truly creative, inspirational campus

At our multiple-award winner family castle hotel

Up on the central hills of Argentina


Seminars and integrative workshops that relate organizational work to playing music, painting, cooking, photographing and dancing.


Only one university stays at a time, no matter how small the class may be.


We will design for, teach to, learn from, be with, cook for, and look after you.

About Us and The Castle

We are the Fabrega Obrador Family, warm people with outstanding entrepreneurial and academic experience.

Our parents have served as professors at Cordoba National University and San Luis National University, and jointly developed and managed medical services such as clinics, hospitals, and HMOs. In the meantime, they also raised us, their three children.

We got our university education in Engineering, Business Administration and Economics from National University of San Luis, University of the CEMA, State University of New York, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and University Torcuato Di Tella. While in the USA, we worked as Research Scholars at the Wadsworth Center for the New York State Department of Health.

Additionally, we hold studies in Music, Dance, Fine Art, Photography and Sports. Throughout the years we have exhibited, performed and recorded our compositions with worldwide renown artists.

El Castillo (Spanish for The Castle) represents the culmination of this holistic background. In 2002 —during the worst crisis of Argentina's history—, we bought the ruins of a 19th century castle, and turned it into the first and only 5-star hotel in Argentina outside a capital city. Currently, El Castillo operates as a training venue for leading companies, providing them with our proprietary programs that combine scientific information and artistic activities. It hosts families exclusively during school breaks, and individuals during our themed programs such as the Ballet Retreat.

El Castillo has received multiple awards, including: Trip Advisor's "Travellers’ Choice 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020″, CAME's "Entrepreneurial Woman Distinction 2015", AHT's "Trajectory Award 2015", British Argentine Chamber of Commerce's "First Prize to Sustainable Leadership 2013", and Fordham Consortium on the Purpose of Business' "Fellow Membership 2009". It has been studied in 6 books, 35 conferences, 22 academic institutions and numerous press articles and interviews.

About the Castle as Your Campus

At El Castillo, we personally design and deliver programs that fit your class' ultimate goals.

  • First, all programs include the exclusive use of facilities with all-inclusive services, to optimize the learning process.

  • From beginning to end, our means to better understanding is arts: we use music, dance, painting, photography, cooking, as a way of bringing up real-life work issues and therefore gathering a deeper comprehension about them. And yes, you and your class get to do it all: from playing the drums to handling paint brushes, to photoshoot with professional lighting equipment, to control the kitchen fires.

  • Meanwhile, in a smooth, natural back and forth transition, the class analyses crucial conditions for conducting businesses in emerging markets, covering areas of innovation, strategy, human resources, marketing, finance and technology, all from a humanistic sustainable perspective.

  • The participants have the opportunity to learn from INSEAD/Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's El Castillo: The Eco-Fairy Castle case study, as well as other ad-hoc, original academic publications. Furthermore, the group takes part in an open discussion about how to deal with the short run and uncertainty, and the much needed nature of teamwork and multi-purpose teams.

  • We, of course, always bring along local experiences such as Argentinean wine tasting, tango and gaucho shows, and city and rural tours!


A total of USD 35,000 shall cover a class of 30, staying for 5 days/4 nights, with all-inclusive services (i.e. lodging, food, customized educational program, leisure activities and access to all of the hotel facilities).

How to Book?

We would be happy to speak with you. Let us know and, may be, we can visit your school too!

Please e-mail to Fabian Fabrega at:

About Córdoba

As it is the case with Buenos Aires, visiting Cordoba is essential to learn about Argentina. Both cities showcase a unique culture that differ between each other, because, among other historic features, their founding goals were dissimilar: Cordoba was founded in 1573 as an educational icon led by the Jesuits, while Buenos Aires was founded in 1536 as a secondary port. Cordoba owns a great tradition of entrepreneurship, exhibits a more family-focused pace of life, and is regarded as “La Docta” (The Learned) for its many universities and academic achievements.